…and Fail.

Well, I started beer brewing here in SCZ with an attempt at a Oat Pale Ale, a Dubbel, and a George Washington Small Beer. Unfortunately, during my home malting process I toasted the enzymes to death and ended up with, like, 5% efficiency, and SRM colors that were spot on. Unfortunately, there was nothing to ferment from the malt, and I assure you it was the worst failure I’ve ever suffered. The George WA Small Beer that was essentially cane syrup mixed with hops, ginger, and lemon juice actually turned out halfway palatable, and tastes vaguely like a Hefeweizen. I have one bottle left, exclusively to re-use the yeast at the bottom of it, as it’s barely possible to finish.

So, in light of my home-malting fracas, I tracked down the cervezero association of Bolivia, submitted a question, and was delighted to receive an email the next day from someone at Sureña, a maltster in Sucre. After much wrangling and back and forth, I managed to have the smallest amount possible sent to me via overnight bus in SCZ. So now I have 110 pounds of Bolivian pilsener sitting around my house, just waiting to be brewed with. It makes classifying it on Hopville a tad confusing.

Next, how to figure out replicating specialty malts. I have some leftover Special 120L malt from that last attempt, which ought to work, but we’ll have to see.


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