Pumpkin Porter (Porter No. II)

Apologies for the gap in posts, I was away on travel for work and thus have become just a bit behind not only on writing, but all things brewing as well. Hence my absence.

Since moving here and getting back to brewing I realized I’ve done something like three Belgian styles, and ignored the more traditional English/American ale styles. But, it being winter, the temperatures have cooled off tremendously and thus opened the door to brewing in styles that need the cooler temperatures to avoid off flavors and the crazy esters that Belgians tend to value. So, between that and half a pumpkin sitting in my freezer (Cinderella pumpkins were all over the markets here), I wanted to put a brew together that was a darker English ale and looked ahead to Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Also, given just how dominant and obvious the 8+% alcohol was in the previoius Tripel I brewed and how much I’ve read lately about session beers, I wanted to target a beer with less than 4.5% ABV and still plenty of flavor and body. I settled on a Brown Porter.

I ended up brewing this on June 30th, 2012, and only bottled it last Friday, after a month in primary. Hopefully that will have done it well, but two weeks will tell before I try it. A few questions that come out of this brew for me (please comment if you have answers!)
-How much will using Pilsener malt affect the taste of an English ale? How can I aim for a toasty, bready flavor with using something like Marris Otter?
-Is there a significant difference between flaked wheat and wheat berries that I grind up in the same mill as the pilsener malt? Same question, but regarding unmalted barley?

Batch Size (L): 5
Total Fermentables (kg): 1.28
Anticipated OG: 1.049
Wort Boil Time: 60 Minutes
Anticipated IBU: 28

850 g (66%) Pilsener Malt
137 g (11%) Flaked wheat (that is, wheat berries milled with the malt)
91 g (7%) Rolled oats
68 g (5%) Dark Amber/Chocolate? Homemade Malt
46 g (4%) Crystal 20L Homemade Malt
46 g (4%) Roasted Barley
46 g (4%) Flaked barley (see not on the wheat)
300 g roasted pumpkin, added to the boil

4 g Palisade hops @ 60 mins
4 g Willamette hops @ 40 mins
4 g Willamette hops @ 20 mins
1 cardamom pod @ 5 mins
1 cinnamon stick @ 5 mins
4 g ground cinnamon @ 5 mins
2 whole cloves @ 5 mins
4 g ground nutmeg @ 5 mins

Munton’s Dry Yeast

-Brewed June 20, 2012. OG: 1.040
-Bottled July 27, 2012. Got just under 5 L worth.


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