Dry Stout No. I

As I’ve mentioned in the past, frequently I brew two distinct(-ish) beers off of the same mash. Usually that’s a parti-gyle brew, but I’ve also started blending the runnings to aim for lower OGs and for session beers. This was a case of the latter. The base mash was the same one that the Pumpkin Brown Porter came off of, but instead of spicing it up, I wanted to aim for a lot of body and toasty flavors associated with most stouts. I isolated the Dry Stout style and decided to go for it.

I’ve been rethinking session beers since brewing this, though. Besides general interest in session beers, my most respected critic had really pointed out that the alcohol in Tripel No. III was way too obvious and did not compliment the taste, so I decided to tone down alcohol levels. The thing is, the usual justification for session beers is amount; that is, the ABV is kept low so a consumer can enjoy more than one drink before hitting their limit for the night. My drinking habits just don’t fit that–I only ever drink one at a time. So it doesn’t really make sense to be overly modest on the OG levels. Perhaps I’ll keep that in mind for my next few brews.

Batch Size (L): 5
Total Fermentables (kg): 1.28
Anticipated OG: 1.059
Wort Boil Time: 60 Minutes
Anticipated IBU: 38.5

850 g (66%) Pilsener Malt
137 g (11%) Flaked wheat (that is, wheat berries milled with the malt)
91 g (7%) Rolled oats
68 g (5%) Dark Amber/Chocolate? Homemade Malt
46 g (4%) Crystal 20L Homemade Malt
46 g (4%) Roasted Barley
46 g (4%) Flaked barley (see note on the wheat)

8 g Cluster hops @ 60 mins
6 g Willamette hops @ 30 mins

Munton’s Dry Yeast

-Brewed June 20, 2012. OG: 1.042
-Bottled July 27, 2012. FG 1.014, 3.7% ABV. Got just under 5 L worth.


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