Witbier No. III: Lactic-Tinged

Okay, this isn’t really a separate recipe as it’s the same wort as Witbier No. I: Standard. Basically, I had more than fit in my 4 L fermenter, so I needed something to do with the extra 1 L. We get raw milk every week that turns to buttermilk after about 5 days, so I usually have some on hand by the weekends when I brew. Anyway, we’d just finished the bottle of milk that morning, so I gave a very quick rinse with some sanitizer water and then water rinse as well, hoping that just a hint of the lactic cultures would be left over to see their effect on the Witbier in comparison. I can’t get Lactobacillus in any kind of isolated form here, so this is my best bet for improvising a sour without actually exposing the wort overnight or some such (I tried that in a previous place I lived an the results were meh/dubious at best).

Thus I put the extra liter of wort into the old milk bottle and left it to sit for as long. The basic recipe the wort came off of is here with Witbier No. I.

I brewed on 5 October and bottled on 26 October in two 625 mL bottles.

Tasting: 11/19/2012


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