Tasting: Lactic Tinged Witbier No. III

Appearance: Excessively carbonated, pours like a soda. Uuuuugly grayish-brown and completely opaque with zero head. Chunks of yeast floating around in it. Looks like liquefied wood.
Aroma: Tropical fruit, cider-like, hint of wheat.
Taste: Wheaty with just a bit of lactic tartness, with alcohol in the middle.
Mouthfeel: Soda carbonation, but with body. Too much body, at that.

Overall: So, here’s an interesting thing. I poured this from a 625 mL bottle into a tulip wine glass and a pint glass with inward curved-rims. By all the measures and categories above the beer in the tulip glass was vastly superior (ahem, drinkable). In fact, all those tasting notes apply to the pint glass. The tulip glass was less opaque, golden (no gray at all)–still no head–with the same aroma, and a much more appealing wheat taste (less warming), and the mouthfeel was right no. Not too much body anymore.

So, what the heck? What happened here? Obviously, the glass you use makes a difference, but I never expected it to be so drastic. In fact, I’m not sure it can come down to just that. Maybe it has to do with the order I poured the glasses, and the amount of settling. I’ve already opened examples of this beer and the siblings I brewed with it, and they all were pretty ugly, lacking head, and the carbonation just went totally awry.

All in all, I’m not entirely sure. And the more I think about it, the more I suspect it might in fact have to do with the glass. We shall see.

I’m brewing today! Split batch imperial stouts (Belgian and English yeasts, respectively), and maybe something lighter with the final runnings. Happy Census Day in Bolivia!

Brewday and Recipe: 5 Oct 2012


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