Tasting: Classic Witbier No. I

classic wit tasting

Tasting on 12/23/2012. Yeah, I know, the picture’s filtered, but it brings out the color better! I need another wall to photo these on.

Appearance: Head flares up to one finger and then declines to nothing soon after. Golden yellow with streams of carbonation coming up through it.
Aroma: Fruity, wheaty, hints of mango.
Taste: A light taste that isn’t overbearing, with alcohol and bread present. No obvious spices except that contributed by the yeast, and no sign of hops, but still balanced.
Mouthfeel: Quite carbonated and spritzy on the mouth.

Overall: This is a case study in how imperializing or doubling the ABV in a style isn’t necessarily a good idea. Not that I went crazy with it, but the alcohol is just too present for the style and balance. Likewise, I should have made sure I had enough wheat on hand to make it a full 40-50% of the grist. Now that I have a true witbier yeast, I might throw together one more of these before summer’s out.

Brewday + Recipe


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