Abba Antonius Belgian Stout (Belgian Specialty Ale No. I)

The Belgian stout is an interesting category-that-isn’t (yet?). In fact, I haven’t really come across a good explanation of what exactly makes a stout Belgian vs. English or American other than simply changing the yeast. As best I can tell, that basically is the difference, and so that’s where I went with this one. Brewed along with the Black Dwarf (which is on an American ale yeast), this one went on S-33, which tends towards Belgian tendencies. This is certainly an example of getting a bit carried away with ingredients, although I have to admit that the samples I’ve taken along the way are promising something rather interesting and complex.

Probably the hoppiest beer I’ve yet brewed, it’s also the highest gravity (assuming the estimates are anywhere near correct). I’ve had star anise sitting around my kitchen for a while and wanted to use it, so I put one star into the boil and after primary fermentation, this was bitter, dry and tasted like pure licorice. Kind of overwhelming in a motor oil sort of way. My note-taking has been slipping again, and I forget when, but after a month or so I added another bit of candi syrup (probably 200-300 g) that had 5 g of shaved cacoa melted into it. You buy cacao here in hand-shaped discs in the market that aren’t packaged at all and are definitively an artisan food. I think they’re essentially the same stage in the cacao/chocolate process as cacao nibs, though I could be wrong.

Either way, that wasn’t the greatest addition. They certainly did not seem to dissolve at all, and I’ll have to wait for the end product to try and discern any distinct addition to the beer itself. Likewise, I also added 80 g of dulce de leche (lactose) to the secondary to sweeten it a bit and balance with the harshness that evokes battery acid. By the time I bottled it, it had some very nice banana aromas and an intrigueing, balanced flavor. I look forward to trying that one.

Abba Antonius Belgian Stout

Belgian Specialty Ale


Recipe Specs

Original Gravity Final Gravity Colour (SRM / EBC) Bitterness Alcohol by Volume
1.106 1.023 51.8
43.3 IBU 10.8%

Brewhouse Specs

Recipe Type Batch Size Boil Time Efficiency
All Grain 3.8 Litres / 1.0 Gal 60.0 min 70.0%


Name Type SRM Percentage Amount
Pilsner Grain 1.7 55.01 % 1.00 Kg / 2.20 Lbs
Flaked Oats Adjunct 1.0 9.63 % 0.18 Kg / 0.39 Lbs
Pale Ale Malt Grain 3.0 6.60 % 0.12 Kg / 0.26 Lbs
Flaked Barley Grain 1.7 5.50 % 0.10 Kg / 0.22 Lbs
Chancaca Sugar 25.0 4.68 % 0.09 Kg / 0.19 Lbs
Dulce de Leche Sugar 10.0 4.57 % 0.08 Kg / 0.18 Lbs
Chocolate Grain 350.0 4.13 % 0.08 Kg / 0.17 Lbs
Black Malt Grain 600.0 2.48 % 0.05 Kg / 0.10 Lbs
Crystal 10 Grain 10.0 2.48 % 0.05 Kg / 0.10 Lbs
Crystal 20 Grain 20.0 2.48 % 0.05 Kg / 0.10 Lbs
Roasted Barley Grain 450.0 2.48 % 0.05 Kg / 0.10 Lbs


Name AA% Amount Use Time
Palisade 7.8% 10.00 g / 0.35 oz Boil 60 mins
Cluster 7.6% 5.00 g / 0.18 oz Boil 5 mins
Cluster 7.6% 3.00 g / 0.11 oz Boil 0 mins


Name Amount Use Time
Anise Seed 2.50 g / 0.09 oz Boil 10 mins
Chocolate – Pure/Bitter 5.00 g / 0.18 oz Boil 0 mins


Name Attenuation
Safbrew S-33 75 %

Mash Steps

Step Name Time Temperature Type
Saccharification Rest 60.0 min 66.0 °C / 150.8 °F Infusion


Note to self: Cook the oats for 15 minutes and let them cool to strike temp before adding them to the mash.

11-21-12: Brewday, went well. Collected first runnings and then fourth into this batch. Boiled down and collected around 3.5 L worth. I added around .5 L to try and top it off a bit. I need to add molasses in a few days to push gravity up, as I don’t think it’s high enough based on simple taste test. We’ll see.

Sometime in December: added the chocolate shavings melted into the candi syrup (listed as corn sugar in the recipe), racked two weeks later.

12-23-2012 added 83g of dulce de leche dissolved into some hot water.

1-13-13 Bottled with 43g table sugar, collected 4.685 L.

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