Mead/Melomel/Metheglin Nos. V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, and X

Last week we four brewers here put together a batch of mead that we split into five six fermenters. It was a long brewday, involving bottling three previous batches of beer, but we’re looking forward to the results. It was not the most scientific of brew days, but that’s okay. We were anal about sanitizing.

Here’s the base recipe:

8 kg dark honey (not sure about the origin or blossoms, but it’s probably just general wild/forest honey)16 L distilled water
4 L tap water
2 tsp Yeast nutrient

OG 1.102

Lalvin EC-1118 yeast

We divided them into five fermenters initially, and then found we had enough left over for a sixth, which we pitched with an ale yeast. Here’s the breakdown for each:

V: “Control” mead with no extra ingredients added.
VI (Melomel): Racked on top of about 1/2 kg each of blanched/peeled chirimoya and kiwi.
VII (Metheglin): Blended with a tea made from a large handful of mint leaves.
VIII (Melomel): Racked onto 1 L of fresh-squeezed grapefruit juice from Drew J-G’s backyard trees.
IX (Melomel): Racked on top of 1 kg total of lightly blanched peaches, plums, and apricots. Split into two metal bowls and left outside (covered with mesh strainers) in the courtyard to cool and pick up ambient yeasts. This is a tej-ish idea.
X (Sack Mead?): Put the leftovers into a fermenters and added the dregs of a Wit (S-23, but probably infected with some lacto), a Dubbel (T-58), and some trub from a Stout fermenter (I think it was US-05).

We’ll see how this goes…


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