New microbrewery in Sucre: “Cerveceria Vicos”

I just stumbled across this one today: Cerveceria Vicos Cervezas, based in Sucre (link is to their Facebook page). Terrible graphic design on their labels, but some really interesting beers on show:

  • Ch’Ama: a 5% ABV blonde brewed with coca leaves
  • Kusa: 5% ABV with honey
  • Colorado: 5% ABV brewed with airampo, the seed of a cactus that is used for making jellies and coloring. Sounds very intriguing. 
  • Chuqi: 3.5% ABV brewed with quinoa

That Colorado brew deserves special mention: airampo doesn’t even have it’s own wikipedia page in English at this point, so I’m fairly certain that this brewery can probably lay claim to some serious credibility for brewing with a new and never-before-used beer ingredient. Kudos to them.

I doubt they’ll be distributing down here in SCZ any time soon, but in my mind this solidifies Sucre as Bolivia’s “beer city” if there is one.

  1. Do you happen to know if they have a taproom or a brewpub or something? Thank you!

    • I don’t know for sure if they do or do not, but I’d highly doubt it. Taprooms/brewpubs haven’t really caught on here just yet, and the only real brewpubs I know of are Goblin in Sucre and Kropl’s in Cochabamba. Good luck and let me know if you find one for Vico’s! Vico’s is available all over the place in La Paz, however.

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