Dubbel No. V

Time for some much needed housekeeping in this space! I’m going to try and get caught up more on what’s been brewing as well as some of the fixed pages up top, updating the recipe page and such. To begin with, though, here’s the latest recipe we’ve brewed.

The first beer I brewed here in Bolivia with Ben O and Mario S was a dubbel, and it’s received a lot of excellent feedback from those who’ve tried. We even managed to get the owner of a mass market lager brewery here in town to take a sample, and he approved. Likewise, we’ve been commissioned (in a sense) by someone to replicate it and put forth a full product–label and everything. That said, all our specialty malts are homemade, so actually replicating the recipe is almost impossible and subject to whatever we actually have on hand at the time.

This time we had less by way of darker malts and no homemade candy syrup either, so we upped the amount of chancaca (which provides more character than our candy syrup anyway) as well as some toasted quinoa and wheat (both unmalted) as a way to increase complexity. Likewise, we had some homemade Special-B on hand to help out, and took the suggestion of the dubbel recipe provided in Brew Like a Monk to include a handful of raisins. We kept with the T-58 yeast as well, although since it’s the cold season here, the temperature variation has been a lot less (i.e. instead of keeping it at 18-19 C for a week, then moving it up to the high 20s or low 30s, it probably never made it above 22 C). So we’ll see how that affects attenuation and complexity. Hopefully we’ll be bottling this soon and have it ready in a few weeks.

Dubbel No. V

Belgian Dubbel

Recipe by BrewingInBolivia

Recipe Specs

Original Gravity Final Gravity Colour (SRM / EBC) Bitterness Alcohol by Volume
1.073 1.014 15.2
19.8 IBU 7.7%

Brewhouse Specs

Recipe Type Batch Size Boil Time Efficiency
All Grain 23.0 Litres / 6.1 Gal 60.0 min 81.0%


Name Type SRM Percentage Amount
Pilsner Grain 1.7 71.71 % 4.50 Kg / 9.92 Lbs
Chancaca Sugar 25.0 15.94 % 1.00 Kg / 2.20 Lbs
Copper Malt Grain 100.0 4.78 % 0.30 Kg / 0.66 Lbs
Raw Wheat, Dark Amber 30 L Grain 30.0 2.39 % 0.15 Kg / 0.33 Lbs
Vienna Grain 3.0 1.99 % 0.13 Kg / 0.28 Lbs
Quinoa – Toasted, 33L Grain 33.0 1.59 % 0.10 Kg / 0.22 Lbs
Amber Malt Grain 22.0 0.80 % 0.05 Kg / 0.11 Lbs
Special-B Grain 180.0 0.80 % 0.05 Kg / 0.11 Lbs


Name AA% Amount Use Time
Columbus 13.0% 13.00 g / 0.46 oz Boil 60 mins
Willamette 5.0% 5.00 g / 0.18 oz Boil 20 mins
Willamette 5.0% 4.00 g / 0.14 oz Boil 5 mins


Name Amount Use Time
Raisins 150.00 g / 5.29 oz Boil 20 mins


Name Attenuation
Safbrew T-58 75 %

Mash Steps

Step Name Time Temperature Type
Saccharification Rest 60.0 min 67.0 °C / 152.6 °F Infusion


OG 1.069

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