Saison No. IIIa: Simple

I finally managed to get hold of a Saison yeast, although it had be through some friends ferrying it down from the US. Alas, the only place I’ve seen in South America selling a saison yeast was the Mini Cerveceria HBS in Buenos Aires, and they list the newly released Danstar Belle Saison dried yeast, but no friends have managed to get out to it just yet. That’s okay. Thus far no one’s had any problems ferrying yeasts and homebrewing supplies down here, and the tropical heat is neither in season nor something that could harm a liquid saison yeast, in this case, Wyeast 3724 Belgian Saison I. I’ve kind of fixated on being able to brew a saison, so I’m excited to get to it, and I plan to dose another batch soon with one of three recently acquired brettanomyces strains that Jeff Crane had the courtesy to send our way.

As usual when I’m brewing at home, I put together a two gallon brew to split into separate fermenters. With these first two, I was trying to keep things relatively restrained and not go too crazy. You can judge for yourself how that went.

Saison no. III.a Simple


Recipe by BrewingInBolivia

Recipe Specs

Original Gravity Final Gravity Colour (SRM / EBC) Bitterness Alcohol by Volume
1.051 1.002 8.8 / 17.3 31.4 IBU 6.4%

Brewhouse Specs

Recipe Type Batch Size Boil Time Efficiency
All Grain 4.0 Litres / 1.1 Gal 70.0 min 59.0%


Name Type SRM Percentage Amount
Pilsner Grain 1.7 52.72 % 0.54 Kg / 1.19 Lbs
Quinoa – Amber 20 L Grain 20.0 15.18 % 0.16 Kg / 0.34 Lbs
Cane Sugar Sugar 0.0 9.73 % 0.10 Kg / 0.22 Lbs
Aromatic Malt Grain 20.0 8.46 % 0.09 Kg / 0.19 Lbs
Pale Ale Malt Grain 3.0 7.88 % 0.08 Kg / 0.18 Lbs
Vienna Grain 3.0 3.31 % 0.03 Kg / 0.07 Lbs
Crystal 10 Grain 10.0 2.72 % 0.03 Kg / 0.06 Lbs


Name AA% Amount Use Time
Palisade 6.6% 4.00 g / 0.14 oz Boil 60 mins
Willamette 5.0% 2.00 g / 0.07 oz Boil 20 mins
Saaz 3.3% 2.00 g / 0.07 oz Boil 10 mins
Palisade 6.6% 10.00 g / 0.35 oz Boil 5 mins
Willamette 5.0% 4.00 g / 0.14 oz Boil 0 mins


Name Amount Use Time


Name Attenuation
Wyeast 3724 – Belgian Saison 94 %

Mash Steps

Step Name Time Temperature Type
Saccharification Rest 60.0 min 64.0 °C / 147.2 °F Infusion


Brewed 30 May 2013 OG 1.051

Bottled 19 June 2013 with 25 g raw sugar. FG unavailable because my graduated cylinder is too short for my new hydrometer. Taste test was dry and tart.

Recipe Generated with BrewMate


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