Saya showing up in SCZ

I’ve noticed in the last week that Saya’s Dorada (golden) and Negra (black) beers are showing up around Santa Cruz lately. You can find them at seemingly most Hipermaxi grocery stores as well as Cafe 24 just off the main plaza. Surely elsewhere, so let me know if you do!

I’m not 100% sure about ingredient bills, but having tasted both up in La Paz, I believe Saya’s Dorada is a fairly straightforward malty lager, while the Negra is more of a Dunkel. Honestly, the best I’ve had was their Amber, but I’ve not seen that in bottle form down here just yet.

  1. Abraham Ovando said:

    Here some comments about Sayabeer. Saya Dorada is not a lager, its actually a german Kolsch type of beer fermented at medium to low temperatures, that is maybe the reason it taste like a lager, actually the idea was to brew a top fermented beer in the high range of noble hoppiness with a 5 % a.v.

    Saya Negra is a Dunkel Lager, but need to notice it is a Southern German Bock beer, malty but very drinkable lager with low bitternes. 7 % a.v.. Saya Amber is an American Pale 6 %a.v. Ale. hoppy, flowery, citrous ale for that kind of beer and yes ! the bottled product is coming soon to popular demand. What is more important and we would like our customers to know is that all our products in the bottle packages are the same draft products bottlde with a special process to keep it fresch for at least 6 months mantaining the same flavor and purity as the products we sell at many draft stations in the city of La Paz and Cochabamba.


    Sayabeer Marketing Team

    • Abraham,

      Thanks for the information! I will update the “Microbreweries in Bolivia” page to include this.

      When will Saya Amber and Negra be available in Santa Cruz?

  2. Abraham Ovando said:

    Saya Negra and Saya Dorada are already been sold in hipermarkets and D´Licor stores. Saya Amber soon before the end of the year. There will be a great opportunity to taste our three beers and a special edition of our Saya Oktoberfest lager. A very clean tasty and refreshing 6 % lower fermented brew at the bierfest party this upcoming saturday 19th of Oktober at the COE event center.

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