Mango cider

The office where I work has a few mango trees around the property, and we’re just starting to come into the beginning of mango season here in Bolivia. I’m also taking a MOOC via Coursera called “The New Nordic Diet,” which encourages a diet that is highly seasonal and local (think: foraged) ingredients where possible. So, even though these particular mango trees ripen while still green (and thus its terribly difficult to figure out when they’re actually ready to peel) and are excessively stringy to simply enjoy eating plainly, they are perfect for juice making.

There doesn’t seem to be much material at all on the interwebs about making a kind of hard cider out of mangoes, so I figured it would be worth a go to see how it turns out. I harvested probably 6 kilos of mangoes this weekend and left them to ripen a few days, then peeled them and cut up and froze most of the easily removed flesh, but that still left plenty of fruit on the seeds. So, I put them in my main brewing pot, topped it off with water and 2/3 cup sugar and brought to a boil. After that I removed the seeds, cooled the juice and pitched a bit of the T-58 yeast cake from a Belgian Amber I bottled that same day. The juice was quite tart still, even with all the sugar, but that tends to be a good quality in ciders. We shall see.

The other day I also mashed up and tossed a tumbo (banana passionfruit) into a honey water solution and left it outside to ferment for a few days (I also tossed some Nottingham ale yeast dregs in as well). I poured it out and tried it and left the lees, on which I added a bit of the mango juice. A day later, the taste is promising for future ideas like this.

  1. Len said:

    How did your Mango Cider turn out?

    • Early tastes were pretty yeasty, but I’ll open one this week and see how some age has affected it.

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