Bottling session

Today I bottled 3140 mL of mango cider with 20g of table sugar for priming. It’s mildly tart, tastes generally like a fruity white wine with a lot of body. It was a very unscientific/farmhouse brew: just a bunch of mango pulp brought to a boil, strained, with a couple cups of table sugar mixed in and dumped on a Safale T-58 yeast cake. This actually has the potential of being a decent experiment, rather than something you regret as it goes in the bottle. It’s just now hitting peak mango season, so if this works, I’ll try it again and maybe use a mix of mango varieties as well.

Tonight I hope to bottle the chamomile honey witbier and Berliner weisse from the previous post. I neglected to mention it then, but after the boil, I put the Berliner weisse wort onto about 600g of motoyoé, which is another fruit currently in season here that’s like vaguely a lychee with lime skin, and tastes like Wrigley’s bubblegum. I’d only seen it on the grounds of an orphanage I work with here before it showed up in the market the day I was brewing, and since it’s a real pain to just eat, I figured it might compliment the sour-mashed Berliner weisse well. We shall see how that turns out.

Motoyoé: like many native fruits here, it’s purported to cure all manner of ailments; among other things, nicotine addiction.


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