30 Days: II

What’s in a name? What is a Brewolero? Well, it’s really very simple and boils down to beer’s insipid tendency to indulge in puns.

I live in Bolivia, which is a very regionalistic country. People are extremely proud of where they are from. Take pique macho, for instance: ask a Cruceña where it’s originally from, and she’ll say “Santa Cruz, of course.” Ask a Cochabambino where it’s originally from, and he’ll say, “Cochabamba, of course.” Ask a Paceña where it’s originally from, and she’ll say, “La Paz, of course.”

Surely you get the idea.

I live in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, the largest city in Bolivia (together, La Paz and El Alto are just a smidge bigger, but they’re technically two separate cities), located in the Bolivian lowlands.

Santa Cruz has many football teams, but two primary ones: Blooming and Oriente Petrolero, and it’s a fair question to ask most folks whether they’re Bloomingista or Orientista. I’ve never really made the plunge to support either one. I keep saying that whichever advances the furthest in Copas Libertadores or Sudamericana will get my support so I have a reason to go watch the best teams in South America play at the stadium in town. Oriente Petrolero translates to “Eastern Oilmen” and Blooming to, err, Blooming (other teams in the top league here include the unsubtle The Strongest [current champions], Sport Boys Warnes, and Wilstermann…go figure).

Anyway, you’ll notice the url tag is “orientebrewolero,” which is an obvious pun on the green and white half of Santa Cruz. Not that I have any affinity for the hydrocarbon industry.

And, since this was initially a place to just write about my own beer, the tagline “Brewing in tropical Bolivia” follows, because believe me, it’s 95+ °F out right now and sticky. This is the tropics, not the snow-capped Andes.


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