30 Days: III

The third assignment in these 30 days is to examine what brought me to this in the first place. So, why not go back and revisit the very first post, “Wherein I explain”?

Mostly, it’s everything I said in “30 Days: I” and then a collection of now-seemingly-quaint observations about the Bolivian beer industry. Traces of three microbreweries? Well, I’ve done some homework and found at least 12 confirmed microbreweries operating in the country. I’ll toast to hoping that there are ever more in the works!

Of the listed attempts at brewing I made in that first post, “a pyment, strawberry wine, and Dark Ale fermenting under my bed, and horribly executed Dubbel, Dubbel on grapes, and George WA Small Beer;” only the pyment was actually enjoyable. So, I like to think that my success rate recently has to do not only with better ingredients, but hopefully I’ve actually learned something in the past two years of making it work here.


Offhand, seeing the daily prompts that come out for this 30 Days project, I realize that these are aimed more at people recently arrived at the blogosphere. So, I’ll just be picking and choosing the ones that are most useful and actually helpful for the goal of doing this, which more than anything is simply to write in a disciplined way.


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