Chilean beer: Kross Lupulus

At least in terms of brand visibility, I would assume that Kross is probably the largest craft brewer in Chile, as a fair number of bars had a Kross sign outside proclaiming they serve their beers. Likewise, their Golden Ale and Pilsner are usually on the shelf in most of the grocery stores I went into, and their “5” celebratory anniversary ale was prominently displayed in many places–worthily so (but I’ll get to that later).

Kross Lupulus Extra Special Bitter, 5.8% ABV at Ristretto Caffe in Castro, Chiloé, Chile
Served from the bottle in a frozen shaker pint that I let rise to room temperature before pouring.

Appearance: Deep gold, clear, tiny bit of effervescence and small head that remains as lacing.
Aroma: A sweet, light honey.
Taste: Rolls, Parker house rolls in particular, with an underlying bitterness at the end, but overall sweet and malty.
Mouthfeel: Pleasant, medium body without much carbonation.

The tasting notes were my wife’s and better than anything I’d be able to offer up, so I’ll leave it there. Overall, it was like biting into sweet rolls–just add some butter and it’d be thanksgiving dinner. These would be great with French fries, although the sweet, crumbly raspberry küchen I had highlighted the bitterness even if it tended to overpower the flavor. Given that the label is covered in hops, says it was dry-hopped, and is called “Lupulus” I have to admit I was expecting a lot more hop character than there was. Granted it was bottled just over two months ago, but you’d hope there would be some hop aroma or flavoring present. Oh well.


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