30 Days: IV

The fourth assignment in these 30 days is to “explore the neighborhood” and a bid to get people to use WordPress’ rss reader feature, which I’ve never actually explored because the demise of Google Reader took me straight to Feedly, which has been a useful. Although, I’m annoyed that I have to get charged to use a search function, but it just pushes me to use the tags more frequently.

My Feedly inbox is a source of constant distraction, with far too much already explored, but nonetheless here are five blogs from the “Drinks” category that I particularly look forward to reading every day and why.

  1. Beervana: insightful, in-depth, and with lots of good storytelling or information such that even if it is frequently focused on Oregon’s beer and cider, I’m still quite interested.
  2. Brain Sparging on Brewing: mostly a homebrewing blog, but a great resource that I find helpful for my own brewing in terms of techniques like sour mashing and such.
  3. Boak and Bailey’s Beer Blog: I’m only interested in probably 40% of the material that comes up here, but it’s a great way to learn quietly and absorb from people who do indeed know what they’re talking about. Also, their quarterly-or-so “Go Long” compilations have proved very absorbing.
  4. Oh Beautiful Beer: this appeal directly to the design side of beer and is a really enjoyable way to see what people are doing and thinking on the visual aesthetic side of the craft.
  5. The Bruery: of the various brewery blogs I’ve perused, few are as interesting or useful as the Bruery’s, whose recent series on cellaring and managing sour beers are actually quite helpful. Granted, I live in the part of Bolivia where summer averages 90+ °F and my storage room has no A/C, so I’m sure everything I’m “aging” is basically just oxidized, but one can dream for the future.

I’d be remiss not to pay tribute to the Mad Fermentationist, but who hasn’t read it at this point? I mean, when the NY Times calls you for a quote, I think you’ve got it made.

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  1. mouldsbeerblog said:

    Along the same lines of the Mad Fermentationist, I also enjoy the posts coming from Embrace The Funk.

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