Chilean beer: Kunstmann Bock

Like I mentioned previously, Kuntsmann is available pretty much everywhere in Chile. I’m told it was recently bought but CCU, the largest Chilean beer conglomerate, and while I can’t compare the quality of their products before and after purchase, this particular beer unfortunately did nothing to improve my overall impression. That said, I think it’s positive that a brand like Kuntsmann is at least popularizing the knowledge of various styles of beer simply by their presence across Chile. In Bolivia, we have the Cerveceria Nacional Boliviana-ABInBev’s “Bock” widely distributed, but with that as the standalone brandname, it’s difficult to figure out that it represents a style of beer rather than just being the name of a particularly strong beer.

Kuntsmann Bock, 5.3% ABV at Patrimonial Bar in Castro, Chiloé, Chile.

Appearance: Dark, clear, ruby red highlights with a tiny off white head that maintains lacing around the edge.
Aroma: Sweet molasses and some coffee.
Taste: Malty, dark malts, and when my wife tasted it she grimaced and said, “gross, that just tastes burnt.”
Mouthfeel: Medium bodied and easy drinking.

Overall, quite disappointing and it became a beer to get through to get on to the next one.


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