Chilean beer: Jester Saison

Getting back to the reviews of what I drank while in Chile, this was one of the beers recommended to me by Ben Wood at Beervana (Jester is not to be confused with Texas’ Jester King brewery, mind you, even though the latter focuses on a lot of saison-related ales). The bottle made it’s way back to me and has since been consumed and its yeast dregs are happily (and I might add, quickly) building up into a viable starter for future use, although based on the flavor profile of this saison, I suspect it’s T-58 yeast. 

Jester Saison, 6.6% ABV

Appearance: orange-amber, hazy, white fluffy head.
Aroma: tropical fruit and melons.
Taste: bananas, light sweet honey malt, with a distinctly bitter aftertaste, maybe some grapefruit in there as well.
Mouthfeel: full-bodied, a bit of booze warmth, and the finishing bitterness coats the tongue.

Overall, this seemed a bit like a bitter Belgian blonde ale more than I expected for a saison. Nonetheless, highly satisfying and very delicious. I shall certainly being using this yeast in the near future.


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