Transitions pending

Well, this is a bit of a farewell, or at least a notice of impending change. My time in Bolivia came to an end in January as my contract finished with my employer. Which means, on to new pastures–where, I am not entirely sure just yet.

All that said, since leaving Bolivia, I’ve tried local beers in four different countries and harvested a wealth of research and information that are currently being shaped into at least two series’ worth of blog posts, and perhaps will be fruit for an article pitch or two, including a bit of a swan song to the many good years I spent in Bolivia. Likewise, I’ve obtained hops from a rather unusual source (or two) that will at the very least make for an interesting story.

You can expect those to start coming around May or so. In the mean time, ¡les saludo con mucho cariño mientras extraño profundamente a la linda Bolivia!


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