Prior to 2015:
I live in Bolivia and I brew beer. It’s a sometimes uphill effort to do that in a region where the only readily available ingredient is malt. But it’s a fun time and a great challenge. This started as a place to post my recipes and tastings, and it’s branching out more into thinking about beer and how it relates to Bolivia, and trying to provide some resources surrounding the basics of beer.

  1. Tyler Wilson said:

    Hello, I am a new homebrewer living in Sucre. I am heading to Santa Cruz next week with the family and wonder if I might ask you some questions. Please reply. Thanks! Tyler

  2. Ivo Foianini said:

    Hey bud, A friend of mine told me about your blog. I’m a Bolivian living in the US who recently started his own home-brewing, so your blog really brings together two topics that are close to me: my country and beer! I hail from Santa Cruz and can attest to your frustration of the lack of good beer in town, unless you get a high-priced import with shoddy quality at best (some supermarkets store their products in hot-as-hell warehouses and mess everything).

    I’m headed down there in mid-March and would be happy to meet you while in town. In fact, I may have some luggage space/weight to take a few things if interested (although I have to check with the missis’), but cannot safe guard local “aduana” taking it from me at the airport!

    Anyways, email’s down here…just write back and we’ll be in touch.

    BTW, I might take a couple 20 oz. bottles of my first home-brew, a English Pale Ale and hopefully we can get together a discuss beer.

    • Let’s do it! Let me know a good place we can try your Pale Ale out and I’ll bring a six-pack.

  3. Ivo Foianini said:

    Forgot to send you my email address:
    Once again, if interested write to me and I may be able to take something down there.

  4. Martin said:

    Hey bro,

    Friend of mine have me your website,
    I’m starting a nano brewery in Samaipata, would be great catch up, I’ll be ordering bulk amounts of yeasts and hops pretty soon, so if you need anything I can order it for you.
    I’m going to grow hops on my property, so with some luck in a while variety hops won’t a problem anymore.
    Anyway get back to me, my e-mail is banjanti at gmail dot com
    Will be great to catch up and share Bolivian brewing experience!

  5. You live in Santa Cruz? Just found you today and we are very excited to follow your blog! We are in Coch right now for language school and will move to SC in July. Where shall we visit in Coch before moving? We have made a few homebrew kits and a lot of wine when we lived in the US, and look forward to settling in SC and finding resources for brewing there.

    • If you’re in CBBA, I’d recommend checking out some of the beers you can find up there. I’ve listed all the ones I’ve found right here. If you find any others, please pass them on! I’m always looking for more brewers in the country.

  6. Hello! Your blog just caught my eye and it’s really interesting!
    I’m currently a student in Santa Cruz and I’m doing a project about a microbrewery.
    I’d like to meet up to discuss the basics of a brewery and other beer-related topics!

    Thanks 😀

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