Note: This list was last updated in January 2015. Because I have since left Bolivia, I will not be able to maintain this up to date, but if I come across new information I will be sure to add it here. I just wanted to note it’s no longer as accurate as it once was.

For tourists or whomever, I thought it might be helpful to compile a list of the breweries that I’ve come across here in Bolivia that I would recommend worth checking out, arranged by city. This does not include any of the massive industrial breweries such as CBN (AB-InBev) or the ones that put out mass market lagers and nothing else (i.e. Real).

Santa Cruz

  • Corsa: Located on the road to Cotoca. Currently produces a Lager and a Dunkel, with an Alt said to be pending certification.
  • Reineke BräuBased in La Paz, but has a location outside of Santa Cruz around km 18 on the road to Samaipata. More details below.


  • Stier: Located on the road to Quillacollo. Produces a Strong Ale, Frutilla (strawberry), Stout, Weizen, Honey Beer, and Pilsen.
  • Blumental Bier: Produces Andean Black (brown ale with herbs), Quinoa Gold (ale) and Amaranto Red (amaranth and malt) beer.
  • Cerveceria Artesanal Leclere: Just found this one on the interwebs, and it looks like they have Fresh (probably a pilsner), Tomas (dark lager), Miel (honey beer), and Witbier.
  • Kropl’s Bierhaus: located at Av. America este #992. Not been (yet) but I think this is a brewpub and this picture shows it produces a Pilsner, Pale Ale, IPA, Schwarz, and Dunkel. Another source mentioned a Porter.
  • Cerveza San Dimas: Based in Sacaba, brews a Negra Stout, Roja Gourmet, Ale Frambuesa, and apparently considering a Weizen. But, the link there is the only mention I’ve seen of them. Can be found at Brever Pub San Dimas, Calle Pachamama, Esquina America (oeste).

La Paz

  • Saya Beer Brewery (of the Adventure Brew Hostel): Not entirely sure where their brewery is located, but they produce a Dorada (5.0% ABV Kölsch), Ambar (6.0% ABV American Pale Ale), and Negra (7.0% ABV Dunkel Bock). The brewpubs also feature a stellar lineup of seasonals and special brews including unfiltered versions of all of the above on tap, and a Nitro Stout, IPA, Black IPA, Oktoberfest, Helles, Cask Bitter and Dopplebock.
  • Cervecería Kushaav: Available at least in La Paz, they currently seem to have Aleksandra Golden Ale (5.3% ABV, English style), Coqueta Strong Porter (4.4%), and El Salar (4.4%, made with quinoa, not sure what style).
  • Reineke Bräu: has two brewpub locations in La Paz with superb (for Bolivia, anyway) selection of imported beers, but they also produce two or three German style beers with a Lager (5.1-5.3%), Pilsner (4.8%), a Dunkel (6.8%), as well as seasonal offerings only available at the brewpubs, including a Bock.


  • Sureña: This one is interesting, because they are one the breweries that brew a mass market lager or three, but they also have fairly widely available alternative options as well. And they’re my malt supplier, so why cut them out? They produce Especial, Sesquicentenario, Bicentenario (I believe they’re all pale lager styles), and Stout.
  • Ted’s Cerveceria: Not sure where it’s located, but the owner is a Dutch homebrewer who went pro and now produces two Belgian-style beers: Ambar (amber) and Chala (witbier). They used to also have Ñusta, a honey ale. (UPDATE 30 June 2013: I was just able to order Ñusta at the Oveja Negra in Samaipata, and they said they’ve not had any problems obtaining. So perhaps its still being produced?)
  • Cerveceria Vicos: Apparently located at Calle. 8 De Septiembre S/n Zona: Yurac Yurac. Gets a special mention for creativity, brewing Ch’Ama (blonde with coca), Colorado (with an obscure cactus seed called “airampo”), Chuqi (a quinoa session beer), and Kusi (brewed with honey).
  • Brewcraft: Two American expats living out a feelgood entreprenuerial story, brewing together and bringing a touch of American sensibilities to their beer. Their baseline lineup consists of an American IPA, Belgian Style Wheat, and a Vanilla Porter, with a variety of other styles in the pipeline. You can find it on tap and in bottles at Florín and bottled at Abis Patio.
  • Miura: No record of this brewery online, but I was told by the owner of O’Finnigans (where it’s served) that it’s a computer scientist looking to expand. Currently brewing a Pale Ale and Red Ale.
  • Goblin Cerveza Artesanal: A rather new brewpub (Calle Grau 246 between Avaroa and Potosí) serving up three styles that I have yet to sample or specify.


  • Lipeña (based in Lipez) brews the Lipeña Quinoa beer that is widely available in tourist-heavy areas. Found it available in Uyuni in June 2014, but it’s definitely a beer marketed to tourists, so look for it in specialty stores (the kind that stock chocolate and quinoa products) and tourist-focused restaurants.
  • Pub Highlander: A brewpub located at the Hotel Carlos V on Calle Linares. It was closed when I stayed there, so I’m not sure what they brew. As of May 2014, this is now closed.
  • Potosina: This is another of those small-size mass market breweries, but they produce Potosina (pilsner) and Malta (a non-alcoholic malt beverage).
    • Touché!

      As far as I know, Saya Beer Brewery = Adventure Brew Hostel. I edited it to make the connection clearer. The thing is that based on both the hostel’s website and Saya’s, it looks like they may have split off somehow. Last time I stayed there the website had links directly to Saya and mentioned brewery tours, but now I can’t find anything. So maybe they split off somehow? It’s not clear.

  1. Remo Baptista said:

    About Sayabeer and the Adventure Brew: The brewery came first at the building where the hostel is now almost sixteen years ago. Somehow two beer bodies, the owner of the Sayabeer, and the owner of Gravity Assistant Montain biking joined to open the Adventure Brew hostel wehre the brewery was already installed, maybe one of the first ones in the world, mostly because that could be easy ilegal or dangerous. After 6 years the brewpub / hostel became noticable famous together with Sayabeer, the beer Spa and other tourist services, for good or bad the brewery made the decision to move to a bigger expanded area to increase production to supply the increasing demand from local consumers. Sayabeer Brewery moved to Achocalla maybe the only place around La Paz with clear spring waters. The new expanded brewery came with a automatic bottling equipment with the unique bottle design allowing Sayabeer to gain more local customers being today more than 70 porcent comparing to tourist as before including now markets of COchabamba and Santa Cruz. The hostel and the brewery didnt split, they now offer every saturday beer tour parties for customers to have the opportunity to taste special beers both filter and unfilter.brews. Some of the special beers customers have the opprtunity to taste at the adventure bre hostel. Unfliter Saya dorada, Negra amd Ambar. Saya Nitro Stout, Saya IPa, Saya Black IPA, Saya Helles, Saya Oktoberfest.and real Cask Ale Bitters.

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