Once in a while I get carried away and post a lot on one subject or another, so here’s a quick centralized list of each as they go up.

Developing a Bolivian Style of Beer and Brewing

  1. Developing a Bolivian Style of Brewing
  2. Homebrewing in the unexpected places
  3. What is “Bolivian”?
  4. Beer in Bolivia, macro-/generally speaking
  5. Geographic and historic traditions; Chicha
  6. Other traditional possibilities
  7. Criterion #1(a): A Distinct Ingredient Bill
  8. Criterion #2 Unique, local ingredients(s)
  9. Ingredient Approach B: Brew Religiously to Style Guidelines Utilizing/Substituting Local Ingredients
  10. Conclusion: Which Approach to Use?
  11. Decolonization and the Idea of a Bolivian Beer Style
  12. (An aside applicable to this series): Understanding typology vs taxonomy to understand approaches to beer styles.

Serie sobre Estilos de Cerveza
Este serie fue escrito originalmente en el Examiner por Charlie Papazian, autor de The Complete Joy of Homebrewing y traducido aqui con su permiso.

  1. Origen y clasificación (original)
  2. Como crean diferentes estilos de cerveza
  3. Ingredientes de la cerveza
  1. Ruben Terrazas said:

    Looking forward to opening a micro brewery in la paz. Would you happen to have any market info?

    Whats your name? Your blog is full of great info!!!

    • I don’t have any market info, but try contacting CABOFACE, Cámara Boliviana de Fabricantes de Cerveza, or something like that. They were helpful in connecting me initially with Sureña for malt. More contact info here.

      Send me a note when you start brewing and we can set up a review! Or consider starting a microbrewery in Santa Cruz (please!)–there’s very little competition here, and if you can convey a “premium” nature in your marketing, you’ll crack the market here. Either way best of luck.

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